Our Approach

Our Approach: We forge partnerships with mature professionals and business owners, providing not only capital but also a wealth of business experience and a robust framework. Our focus spans ventures at various stages, encompassing startups, early-stage ventures, spin-offs, and mature companies—each led or founded by silver age teams. By joining forces with us, you gain access to the tools and guidance necessary to build, re-build, and accelerate ventures with unmatched expertise.

Why Choose Us:

✔ Financial Capital: Our vision is reinforced by the support of leading venture capital, private equity, family offices and angel investors who share our passion for creating meaningful change. Together, we’re pioneering a new era of business excellence that capitalizes on the collective wisdom of experienced professionals.
✔ Proven Success: Our track record boasts 3 investment funds with an impressive 20% annual return rate, and the creation of 20 companies from the ground up.
✔ M&A Mastery: Having successfully completed 40 M&A deals, we have the insights to navigate complex business landscapes.
✔ Global Reach: Our expertise extends to international business management, expansion, and scaling across Europe & CEE and globally.
✔ Diverse Expertise: With a combined experience spanning over 100 investment and business development projects across various sectors including technology, logistics, finance, manufacturing, healthtech, deeptech, we bring a wealth of knowledge to every endeavor.”