Our co-founding service is a collaborative journey where we join forces with visionary and mature entrepreneurs to bring their groundbreaking ideas to life. Backed by our extensive experience and resources, we provide the strategic guidance, industry insights, and capital required to turn your vision into a thriving reality. From refining your business model to developing go-to-market strategies, we’re committed to co-creating ventures that disrupt industries and drive innovation.

Our strategy is intentionally not meant for everyone. It has been deliberately designed for mature founders in the silver age range, possessing not only great idea, but also a substantial professional experience and an entrepreneurial mindset. These individuals should be prepared to wholeheartedly commit, collaborate, and maintain a continuous learning journey, all aimed at achieving extraordinary outcomes.

Expected ideas for co-founding:

✔ Technology driven: digitalization, engineering, business process and organizational innovations, precise farming, logistics, health tech, e-commerce.
✔ Sustainable and innovative: use of sustainable and environment friendly technologies, research-based technologies and innovations.
✔ Scalable: high potential to scale globally in relatively short period of time